Thursday, 14 July 2011

Welcome. Enjoy the ride.

Hello. Are you sitting comfortably? 

I've started this blog to hopefully explain to you guys a few things about how the media works. I get asked lots of questions on Twitter and in 140 characters, it's hard to give you a big insight into how I work and how the media works.

You may enjoy it. Don't expect glitzy presentation, pictures and all that sort of guff. This blog is words only. Interesting words. I hope.

Firstly, about me.

I am a football journalist that has worked, and is currently working for, a number of national newspapers based in the UK and abroad. I choose to keep Twitter and my personal life (wife, kids, where I work etc) separate. I do this because my tweets would get me into trouble at work. I usually swear and criticise other journalists and papers and that's just not going to go down well in media land, is it?

So, now we've got that out the way hopefully, I will now talk to you about what goes into publishing a transfer story and hopefully I'll answer a few questions you have.

You can follow me on twitter @Darren_Can

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